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I am just thrilled to announce that Rings of Time was awarded an IPPY Gold medal in the Young Adult Fiction category earlier this month! The Independent Publisher Book Awards (or IPPYs, for short) have been around for more than two decades, celebrating the best in independent- and self-publishing from around the […]

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Next Book Signing in Calgary

Thanks so much to everyone who joined me at the Crowfoot Chapters location in Calgary on February 11th. It was so nice to meet some readers — especially a few new ones! I received this message via my website at the end of the day from new reader Hailey: “While in […]

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Going back a century in time means a few changes for modern-day Emilie. First she’s alarmed by layers and layers of constricting clothing — fine muslins and silks, sashes, belts, high-heeled boots, hats, gloves and fancy umbrellas. The women who wore these items in 1913 wouldn’t have churned their own […]

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SOS Volturno

“In the New Year we left for England.” So begins one of the final chapters in Rings of Time. Emilie, Liam, Harrison and Mrs. Wilson are first-class passengers aboard a grand, unnamed ocean liner departing from Halifax. In walking along the main deck, Emilie is reminded of the famous scene with […]

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I’m so grateful for the warm reception of Rings of Time from my local bookstores! You can find my book in the Consignment section of the Crowfoot Chapters location in Calgary — as well as on the Staff Picks shelf. Thanks Lana! You can also find me at the Crowfoot Chapters location in Calgary […]

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All Aboard!

In Chapter 16 of Rings of Time, Liam and Emilie make a trip to Mountainview, a real-life railway town in Southern Alberta, which sprang into existence as the Canadian Pacific Railway laid track across Western Canada throughout the first decades of the 20th century. The decision to erect a railway station […]

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“Sometimes in life you must embrace the past to find your future.”

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