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As I learned about the trials and tribulations faced by my ancestors as they immigrated to Canada, I became fascinated by Canadian history. And from the “mail-order” brides who helped settle Canada’s West and the expansion of the Canadian Pacific Railway to the burgeoning women’s rights movement and the first stirrings of the Great War, the first decades of the 1900s are full of fascinating events to which textbooks cannot do justice. In writing Rings of Time, my hope was that students could immerse themselves in Alberta in 1913, picture themselves in this strange world and learn about Canadian history, not from a textbook, but as a way of life.

Early 1900s classroom Vancouver, British Columbia Photo credit: VSB Archives & Heritage

I love to connect with teachers and students and am available for school visits in and around Calgary, Alberta. My presentation is approximately one hour long and includes:

• An engaging introduction to Canada in 1913. I set the scene through photos, props and even bring in some of the materials that I referenced when writing my book
• A reading of a few chapters of my book
• A chance for students to ask me questions — about me, the book or the writing and publishing process
• An opportunity for students to get their copy of the book signed

Grade Level: Junior high (7–9)
Fee: At this time there is no fee for a school visit, though I would appreciate being able to offer copies of my book for sale to students at a reduced price ($10 for the paperback edition)
To Book: Please fill out the form on my Contact page or e-mail me at

Rings of Time can be integrated into your Social Studies and English Language Arts curricula. Please take a look at my Teacher Resource Guide, created with Alberta junior high teachers in mind. The activity prompts in this guide could be used in tandem with a visit from me or all on its own.

“Sometimes in life you must embrace the past to find your future.”

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